Forever a Part of the Butte Legend… Restoring the Dumas Brothel Museum

In 2012, Michael Piche and Travis Eskelsen purchased the Dumas Brothel and all of the museum artifact’s from Rudy Giecek, a Butte native who purchased the brothel from the last madam of the house, Ruby Garret in 1989.  Rudy was diligent in keeping the Dumas a part of Butte’s history, as he promised he would do, just as it should be…  We are grateful that Rudy waited for us to find the Dumas, and we are forever indebted to the Giecek family for the many sacrifices they endured in keeping the Dumas Brothel standing all those years ~thank you…  And on that note, we can commiserate; it is costly maintaining the Victorian brothel, especially during winter in Montana ~whew!

Now 127 years old and boasting a massive (42) rooms, the Dumas is unique not only in its prominence as a stately Butte brothel, but especially for its scarcity as the last and best example of 19th century brothel style architecture in the United States -prevalent by its design and with the elegance to match- which is Butte through and through…  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

This is why we are working to preserve, restore, re-purpose, and re-invent the Dumas!


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